Back in 2009 N-Motion Entertainment started out as a company whose primary focus was the restoration of live jazz music in the Pittsburgh area. Since that time, N-Motion has taken on the task of introducing jazz to youth and students in the Pittsburgh area with its Jazz Intervention Project. The Jazz Intervention Project were events that put local music students in workshops and on stage with national jazz artists. It provided an opportunity for the up and coming music student to see first-hand what is involved with performing live. These real-life situations proved to be a great value to the many students in the area that participated in our events. We received comments from parents, school administrators, and the artists themselves on the positive impact of the project. They all felt that the most important impact was on the students, but equally important was the impact on the continuation of jazz. It was N-Motion’s vison to provide an opportunity for the young music student to continue performing jazz music. Since the Jazz Intervention Project, N-Motion has been looking for other ways to impact the genre of jazz and come up with something that all jazz lovers could appreciate. The one constant thing that most everyone has some exposure to is the internet. That sparked a creative idea surrounding our love of jazz. A N-Motion Entertainment jazz search engine idea was born! Starting in 2016, we started our quest as an e-Business search engine for jazz. We have developed a search engine for jazz lovers that will connect them directly with all types of jazz information. With serious jazz communities around the world, we felt it necessary to provide a tool that will allow jazz enthusiasts to stay connected with jazz all over the world. We have taken our technical knowledge and combined it with our appreciation for jazz to create and develop a jazz only search engine, NMOJAZZ. In 2017, NMOJAZZ wants to change the way jazz is perceived across the world. NMOJAZZ wants to contribute to the revitalization and mainstream recognition of jazz by providing a medium that will hopefully become commonplace for jazz and jazz lovers. NMOJAZZ Search Engine may be our first of many attempts at helping to restore jazz. Share your thoughts and ideas with NMOJAZZ so together we can make jazz what it used to be. We will need your feedback on jazz content that you will want to see to make you search experience one that will keep you coming back and sharing with your jazz friends.